Emilie Appercé

New Rose Hotel

New Rose Hotel, Zürich

Set design, December 2023

sun.works gallery




suns.works’gallery took up residence on the top floor former headquarters of Credit Suisse of the Hochhaus zur Palme, a modernist high-rise in Zurich, before its imminent transformation. Aggressively futuristic at the time, projecting a confidence in never-ending progress, it is now a landmark.

The show embraced the high-modernist aesthetics of Hochhaus zur Palme and the sombre atmosphere of the eponymous story of New Rose Hotel, whose techno-erotic vision of the future, coloured by millennial anxiety, appears much closer to present-day sensibilities.

set design together with Matthew Phillips. Exhibition participation, Manon Gaeschlin, Martin Jaeggi.


Photos credits Flavio Leone

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