Emilie Appercé

The Tale of Genji is a fictional text written by Murasaki Shikibu in the early 11th century. Since the earliest moments of the WWA collective, this book has been an inspiration and a formative challenge: how can a narrative of 54 chapters with more that 400 characters and including almost 800 poems, written in one of the first forms of written Japanese – the traditionally feminine writing style called Kana ­­– on a scroll, in the Imperial court of Heian possibly be conceived of as an architectural text? At in:dépendance we decided to exploit its distance from our everyday reality to test out a chapter of the text called Yugao. –Read the full article on womenwritingarchitecture.org

in:dépendance, Furka Pass (CH)

in:dépendance, Furka Pass, CH

September 2022



In 2022, the chair of Jan de Vylder at ETH Zurich began a 3-year experiment at the Furka Pass, (in:dépendance), 2429m above sea level and only accessible 4 months a year.

Women Writing Architecture represented by Helen Thomas, London-Zürich based architect, publisher,  Jaehee Shin, architect, WWA editor born in Korea, and Emilie Appercé,

met together in this high Swiss pass to consider the work of a woman from a far distant time and place.

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