Emilie Appercé

From Canteen to Pasture

From Canteen to Pasture

Workshop, June 2023


Architecture Department ETH Zurich with the participation of the Chair Caruso and Roots & friends (Even GmbH)

Institutional canteens in the field of education are used in peek times for only a few hours a day. Their usage falls short of their potential capacity despite the important role that canteens play in fostering a sense of community and connection.

We see a chance for students to engage more intensively with these spaces as users as well as workers, “behind the scenes and on stage”.

Emilie Appercé (D-ARCH), Leo Bettini Oberkalmsteiner (D-ARCH) together with Frédéric Brunner (Roots) and Billie Hauser (Roots) with the architect Adam Caruso, the architects Blanka Major, Severin Jann, Valentin Rib and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

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